The Plantation Junior Woman's Club (PJWC) was established in 1960.

We Want to Thank you!

The Plantation Junior Woman's Club, in conjunction with Go Fund Me and the Direct Relief Fund would like to show our appreciation to all of our Planation residents who were affected the by the Government Shut Down. The plantation Junior Woman's Club will be disbursing funds to those affected by the Shut Down by way of cash gift cards.  We will be disbursing the gift cards on April 11, 2019. In order to qualify to receive these funds you must meet all of the requirements listed below. 



Government Issued ID

Please provide a copy of a current government issued identification 

Name of Government Agency

Please provide us with the name of the government agency in which you were employed during the December 22, 2018-January 25, 2019 government shut down.

How did you hear about us?

Please let us know how did you hear about us. This will help us identify means of advertising for future disbursement of relief funds. 


Please complete the application below and submit along with supporting documentation via email to After we review the application we will provide you with all the details. 


For any questions regarding the application and requirements please email